Hitch Hiker's Guide : World Party Trivia App Reviews

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Nice little game

You will have needed to read all of the books in the main part of the series to answer all of the questions. The questions can still be pretty obscure though. Still a nice game to have if your a fan of the books.

Love it!

Read the 1st book prior to attempting to do this app. An issue I encounter is that many times the books did contradict some other incarnations of the story (my main example includes the bruising of someones upper arm, which in the miniseries and radio series you find out who sustained the bruise) but its my fault Im such a gosh darn nerd for h2g2. Otherwise it is just brilliant!! :) I love it!!

Dont Panic!

Just download it and check it out for yourself. (No Babel Fish required.)

Love it!

Currently ranked #1! The only thing I would change is the ability to send messages to other members of the leaderboard. I would love to be able to talk to my competition.

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