Hitch Hiker's Guide : World Party Trivia app for iPhone and iPad

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Games Entertainment Educational Trivia
Developer: Chimera Software, LLC
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Current version: 1.0.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Dec 2009
App size: 1.61 Mb

Stick out your thumb and hitch a ride! This game will let you prove it to yourself, the world, and all of your friends. Based on the legendary book, this trivia app has over 200 questions to tickle your mind and quizzle your thoughts! With solo and group play, timer-based games and non-timed games, online leaderboards, cheats, smooth OpenGL graphics, a commitment to software excellence, lots of questions and an easy method for reporting erroneous questions, the World Party Trivia games have it all!

Game Types:

• Quick Challenge quizzes you with 20 unique questions and no timer. Just right for a fun little trip down trivia lane.

• Endurance Challenge quizzes you with no question limit and no timer. Great for parties and gatherings where you just want to shout out the trivia questions with no limitations, or the solo enthusiast with hours of time to play!

• World Party quizzes allow you to play against the world in one gigantic synchronized game of trivia. Good for playing alone or head-to-head against a bunch of friends, this is a no-hassle method for getting quick and dirty with a little trivia. Everyone in the world is playing with you; seeing the exact same question you are, having the same amount of time to answer them, and everyone gets ranked on the World Party Leaderboards. This is your chance to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you are the biggest fan!


• Sleek, beautiful, OpenGL powered, smooth interface designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

• CHEATS! Perhaps more famously known as "lifelines" or "hints", we are thrilled to include them as they are and to provide you with ample cheating capabilities!

50/50 : Activate this cheat to have half of the wrong answers revealed to you.

x2 : Activating this cheat will allow you to make a guess, and if it is wrong, gives you a second chance to choose the correct answer.

PASS : Activating this cheat in Quick Challenge or Endurance Challenge will allow you to skip this question and be presented with another on. In the World Party is allows you to get it marked as "correct" but for only a partial point value.

You receive 20 free cheats with the purchase of this trivia app. You can purchase packs of 20 additional cheats for $0.99 from inside of the app.

• BRAGGING RIGHTS. With Email, Facebook, and Twitter integrated directly in the app it has never been easier to tell all of your friends exactly the kind of trivia buff you are.

• NO MISSING PIECES. Using techniques weve developed specifically for World Party Trivia, all of our question and answer text will fit neatly onto the screen. At no time will a critical answer or piece of text will cut off or missing.

• NO REPEATS. Annoyed with other trivia games which keep presenting you with that same old question? All of the World Party Trivia apps are designed with a "NO REPEATS" policy in mind. That means you will see ALL of the questions at least once before you will see any repeats (with the exception of World Party Group mode, where the questions are presented continuously even when you are not playing).

• NO TIMER SKIPS. Have you played other trivia apps where the timer will skip a second here or there? With the timer being a large factor in trivia apps, weve decided enough is enough. All of the World Party Trivia games have been painstakingly tested so that all of our seconds are accounted for.

• WEEKLY QUESTION REVIEWS. Stumble across a poorly worded question or a grammar typo? Dont you wish there was an easy way to report it, maybe even get it fixed in a timely manner? Now there is! Just SHAKE YOUR PHONE when this happens, and you will be able to report the offending question with a single touch.

Chimera Software, LLC is NOT associated with the authoring parties of Hitch Hikers Guide.

Latest reviews of Hitch Hiker's Guide : World Party Trivia app for iPhone and iPad

Nice little game
You will have needed to read all of the books in the main part of the series to answer all of the questions. The questions can still be pretty obscure though. Still a nice game to have if your a fan of the books.
Love it!
Read the 1st book prior to attempting to do this app. An issue I encounter is that many times the books did contradict some other incarnations of the story (my main example includes the bruising of someones upper arm, which in the miniseries and radio series you find out who sustained the bruise) but its my fault Im such a gosh darn nerd for h2g2. Otherwise it is just brilliant!! :) I love it!!
Dont Panic!
Just download it and check it out for yourself. (No Babel Fish required.)
Love it!
Currently ranked #1! The only thing I would change is the ability to send messages to other members of the leaderboard. I would love to be able to talk to my competition.
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